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Virtual Insanity

A story project about the Future Fantastic

Virtual Insanity : A story about the Future
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Imagine a future.... where nothing changed.

No, that is a lie. History is the continuous process by which all things change and continue, and nothing stops. Events will always happen, be it Hiroshima, the Moon Landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, or the 9/11 attack.

But, imagine if somehow, despite the march of history, the daily lives of people were never affected. Imagine that, despite various vast and powerful political changes, as well as technological discoveries, the fashion, the style, and manner - be it of speech, clothing, and overall lifestyle - never changed.

Imagine a future, that is contemporary.

And that, is Virtual Insanity.


This journal is such that the latest entries are shown first, and one has to track back in order to start from the very beginning. AT the same time, various entries are part of a chapter.

ANd yes, this multi-user novel is still in progress.


Those who want to join in this story would do best go down here :


The community shown is where the writers of this story are discussing what material will go into it. Those who want to join this journal MUST join the charliec81 journal first!