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Chapter End - Dis-Trust

As much as Josiah was not in the room to overhear Anton's narration of the actual events that transpired during his last trip to the lunar city of Diana, he had definitely heard the words 'Venusian Mafia' come out from the piehole of the stowaway. Of course, Josiah reasoned to himself, the Venusian Mafia had many targets on their hitlist, so it wouldn't be surprising if this was one such person, and anyone could end up on their deathlist if you piss them off, no matter how high or low you were. But, this man..... why would the WDMD also be after him ? And, of all the ships he had to hitch a ride on.... why the Terabithia of all ships ? One though led to the other, and, out of the thousands of theories that came forth to Josiah's mind, a few hundred were plausible. And, out of the hundred, all shared one common consideration; Anton Miles was a danger.

As Miles Bell rose from his seat after concluding the narration, Josiah walked up to him.

"That was some interesting story you got there."

Miles Bell was alone now, save for Josiah, and Raghast. Terence had gone off to have another unlucky try at his studies, while the Colonel decided to retreat back to his room for a slight binge. Dudley, on the other hand, felt that it was time the fish was fed, humming to himself "So long, so long, and thanks, for all the fish...." Only Raghast was left, sitting with a blank look, though, with his hidden sense, he could make certain the danger of Josiah's presence to Miles Bell. However, Mr. Bell was oblivious to all this, and was taken in by Josiah's smile.

"I hoped you like it. By the way, the last one was all true; the trucker took me from Diana to Mars, then dropped me off at some platform."

"Oh really.... I take it you've been to Venus ?"

"Well.... yeah... went to the main capital of Eros Major a while back."

"Oh really ? Sounds interesting...."

A smile crept on Josiah's face, as he bared his teeth, showing off a rather genial emotion. Miles was taken in by this, and gave off a light laugh. Raghast, owever, gave off an emotion of worry. Josiah was giving off a slight weakness, and, for a man whose mind he found very hard to read for some reason or rather, he could sense a slight weakness here. Josiah was perspiring, indicating a slight anxiety. This perspiration allowed Raghast to peer slightly into Josiah's head, even if only for a short second, and somehow, gauge out what Josiah's next action would be.

It was certain.

Josiah wanted to do something bad.

Raghast had little time. He seldom did this, and as much as it took a great toll on his mind, he had to do it.

Miles continued to smile, until he felt a slight tinge of pain in his head. Clutching his head for a while, Josiah asked "What's wrong..."


Miles could see it in his head.


Josiah was holding Miles by the collar, with a gun to his head. Miles was pinned to the wall, and Josiah's index finger was carefully placed on the trigger finger, even though mainly out of threat. As the imags flowed through his head, he could feel the perspiration n the image, even though it wasn't real. And yet, it did feel so genuine...

"Listen, you son of a bitch, what did you do to have the Venusian mafia on our asses ?"

Miles wanted to hesitate, even if a gun was pointed at him. He knew nothing.


"Let's just reason this out !"

As Miles blurted this, he was back in the real, with Josiah surprised at this reaction.

Miles slightly recoiled as Josiah came up to him. Josiah was puzzled by this, until he heard a small voice enter his head.

"Please don't hurt him."

Both men turned to the silent figure of a boy.

"Raghast, you have to stop doing that..."

"Look, Mr. Jameson, I will tell you everything about the Venusian mafia, and what I know, but please.... do not hurt me."

Josiah dusted off his coat. He hismelf never liked violence..... always dirtied his clothes. Then again, he was never one for civility, but it was already made certain that Mr. Bell was innocent in every respect. Raghast seemed to indicate that he was innocent, the Colonel had interrogated him, (though it was more of a tea drinking session), and even a lie detector (belonging to the Colonel) on-board the Teb revealed that, in every aspect, Miles Bellw as an ordinary fellow he did nothing wrong at all.

At least cocnerning Clarke.

"Fine, Mr. Bell. You have my promise. I won't do anything, provided you explain to me what you did."

As he said this, a call came in.


As the young Terence March reeled on the floor, trying to calm himself after hearing a rather rude and obscure joke from a man who apparently knew his mother, Josiah couldn't help but laugh at the scene. There was some kick out of making fun of an illegitimate child, as any man could pass of as his or her father, wicked as the statement was. Besides, Josiah did share a liking for George Lucas's classic, one of the few things that he had in common with Thomas Williams when they were younger. And still friends.

"Excuse, Mr. Jameson, but who is the man Terence is talking too ?"

Josiah felt a tap from behind. Tilting his head slightly, he saw that it was the hitch-hiker Miels Bell. Feelign somewhat tired, Josiah gave a ywan, ebfore answering Miles's question.

"It's Thomas Williams, head of the Williams Corporation."

"Thomas Williams ? THAT man ? Why is he calling you ?"

"Good question. I'd like to ask him myself. But, for a man who seems to know everything, it sure is interesting for him to ask us. I have a suspicion that he knows something."

"Eh ?"

"He must have got wind about the WDMD's latest announcement about you. I have no qualms that you didn't do it, and I'm sure he doesn't."

As Josiah said this, his mouth stopped, as he eyes glanced to the phone, and an idea came forth.

"Hmmm...... that bugger would like to know more about you. Tell you what, why don't you tell him everythign that you know about Clarke, first, before you tell me what you did with the Mafia."


Parker was slightly bemused with himself.

"Great. So a bunch of nuns grabbed us down to these sewers, and then, after giving us a piece of advice anyone would give, they fuck off."

"They said they had to go off."

"Yes, Parker, but that was a waste of time. i mean, why-"

As Parker said this, Firdaus whistled to both of them.

"Yo, you two.... I got something to show you."

Firdaus had moved from the side of the sewer, closer to the wall. Parker had already found descending to the sewer tunnels a displeasure, with the smell of waste of beneath him, and the growth of algae and god knows what else on the damp floor beneath him. The slime seemed to extend all the way to the walls, and the only thing that he, and Joel wanted to do, was get out. However, as soon as Firdaus said those words, he had pressed a button, covered slightly in slime. The sound of a metallic whir could be made certain.


Lilli was looking out into the sky. Raghast had been the only thing in her mind for the past few days, and nothing else could be amder certain.

However, ever since that ship left, becoming no more then a tiny dart, Lilli looked on and hoped, hoped that Raghast would return, and the two would be together once more.

That time, however was not now. And, as her mind could sense, there were other men, well prepared to take care of her until that time. They were there, already at the front door of the bulding she was in. There wasn't much time left.

Besides, this wasn't captivity. This was sanctuary, even if temporary.


"Sir, Lilli has been acquired."

"Bring her aboard the ship, and prepare for the operation. Hopefully, this will allow one safeguard before the real trouble starts."


Josiah was staring at the one man he hoped not to see again. The voice was undeniable, and the time was just quite wrong, yet it had happened, and there he was, Thomas Williams, before him. Josiah ahd to put up with this, putting on the air of nonchalance he had long practised and believed him, as he spoke with Thomas.

"Well, get ready for a long story, cos we've found him.

By the way, Thomas, why did you call the Terabithia ?"

"Why do you ask ?" asked Thomas, somewhat puzzled.

"I bet you know a hundred other ships in the vastness of space, and it just seems so unusual that you had to call my ship out of nowhere."

"With all due respect, Mr. Jameson, your ship was one of the few surviving ships we know of that survived Clarke."

'Yes, I know that-"

"And I happen to know that Terence March, penelope's son, is on that ship. Penelope was my friend, so, I just felt that it would be interesting if I actually got to converse with the son of my colleague."

A slight pang of guilt was in Josiah's head, as he slowly gulped down. Nevertheless, Josiah managed to retain his calm,a nd continued to talk.

"Well, anyway, about Miles-"

"Well, here's the thing, Tom - Anton Miles stowed away on my ship. I found him in the cargo hull, hiding in one of the crates."

"That's unusual... doesn't the Terabithia have any security systesms ?"

"It does, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Bell found a loophole somewhere on the ship. It's not surprising.... I've had assasins worm their way into the ship one way or the other, though I usually have them.... desposed of."

'Even so, you should invest in better protection."

"But, anyway, I found him hiding on my ship, and that's about it."

"And that's your long story ?"

"That's not even half of it- Mr. Bell, tell him the rest."


Mintaka was looking to the artificial sky of L5 with Lukan, as both watched the ships go by. Lukan was thinking of his wife, back on Earth, stuck in Little Lycan, Mintaka was thinkingo fht elife she once had, a long time ago, when she wasn't in the shell she was now inhabiting. The memories were fuzzy, but there was a life she had, before that red desert of Mars was made evident.

"Josiah will be coming back soon" said Lukan, looking to the sky.

"Josiah" murmured Mintaka, thinking of the man who brought her in aboard the ship.


As the Terabithia came within reach of L5, Josiah had managed to sit Miles before him. Josiah was on another chair, but had it reverse, and ahd his chest placed against the seat of the chair, with his arms clutching the back, in a posture typical of some interrogations.

"Alright, Mr. Miles Bell. While this ship is dockign at L5 on its own, i want to hear every last bit about what you did on Venus."

"And what about you ?"

"I have trouble with the Mafia, but not once did they mention me. But I'm pretty sure whatever that happened on Clarke had, even though indirectly, somethign to do with what you did on venus."

Miles sighed.

"I might as well tell you then."
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