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News & Dreams

It was a fun class. He stood there, in the back, very quiet, listening to what the instructor was saying. Not that he needed to knew anything about dog-fighting, be it in atmosphere or in space. What he really wanted was to know his instructor, Captain Mendez.

The class had ended and the students were talking with the instructor. He took advantage of Mendez distraction and planted a little box on her briefcase. It was a copy of the blackbox found in Clarke. They knew if someone could find something wrong with what was displayed, that someone was Paz Mendez.

After his delivery, he left the room. He needed to make another one, this one a little more difficult.


Raghast was sleeping again. But in his dreams there was a shadow trying to wake him up. This shadow warn him of a danger. And he did and in his front, right on top of him, was a transparent tentacle. He looked around and saw several tentacles, all connected to the other children sleeping there. And, what was worst, they all come from... Lili.

Raghast couldn't believe it! He managed to duck from his tentacle and looked to Lili. She was dreaming, more like having a nightmare. And near her head there was a shadow. He couldn't see who he or she was but somehow was controlling Lili's tentacles.

He tried to wake her but couldn't talk, in fact he couldn't even move. He manage to slip by the tentacles more because it seamed not to know where he was than by his own.

Then someone entered the room. That someone start arguing with the shadow and, as he/she did, the tentacles simply disappeared.

And... he awake. He was still at Terabithia, he had fall asleep.


He needed to do it right. He waited until she was alone in the house. He had to be sure that it was she who answer the door. He got to the door, put the package on the mat and press the bell. When she answer the door he was nowhere near to be seen. Only a small package was there, with a note saying “for Zoe, from a friend”
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